Friday, January 21, 2011

My Savvy Life This Week - Cheap Date Night

I had to laugh last weekend when my husband and I were doing some grocery shopping and deal finding on our weekly date night.  Why, was it so funny?  Because we met two other couples at the store doing the same thing and it's not the first time we've seen them in the grocery aisle on a Friday night!  We've even joked that we're dating them too, since we meet up almost every weekend at the store.  I've decided that makes me a pretty cheap date - in a good way... mostly ;-)  To me, saving money together with my hubby is a great time spent together.  He pretends to enjoy it too, since it makes me so happy.  Honestly, we've done "date night dealing" so much that I think he's actually used to it and has fun too.

I think it's really just about spending time together, regardless of the location, without the children, and talking about our random life stories.  I love walking down the aisle pushing the cart together, his hand on mine, watching for clearance stickers in the Dairy aisle (his favorite grocery past time!).  He helps me find products, carefully guards my coupons in his shirt pocket, and loads the cart - we work as a team.  In our own savvy way, it brings us closer together and is our own version of romantic!  That's not to say we don't sprinkle in dinner and a Redbox too, but I do love the time we spend together in the store.  It's the perfect time to talk.  No loud movie to whisper over, no play to remain silent for, just a great time to be in the moment.

Some of you may think it's your version of a pathetic date night, but to me it's a great ending to a long week.  And guess where we're going tonight? Yep! (I'll post some of my favorite fun/free date night ideas on Monday!)

ROLL CALL Are a Date Night Dealer?  If you've ever done date night at the store let me know by leaving a comment below!  We'll start a date night support group ;p


  1. Mine has turned into a Saturday day date with my hubby. You are right. It is about the time together and it has been great for him to personally witness the massive amounts of savings :).

  2. Okay, we have soo become the date night deal finders. I was laughing through your post because that is so us as well. We have discovered our local Smith's puts out their bakery "day olds" about 7pm and love to see what sweets and new breads to try are in there. There was a rather recent night we found the Hershey Kisses on clearance at Target and I happened to have a ton of coupons and we bought 24 bags of kisses of all varities. We had fun trying new ones that night and totally overloaded on chocolate but it made for a memoreable night. I also agree with Lisa above it is really great for your husband to actually see the savings in front of them. Mine now brags to others about how much I can get for free and my one receipt I saved 103% on. lol

  3. After our free or 50% off dates we always head to the store. Hubby gets to push the cart and scan items while I fill the cart. Hubby is not a shopper, but is a good sport. I know that all the eye rolls (like when I put 20 boxes of brownie mix in my cart), are purely out of love.

  4. My hubby and I do this all the time too!! We love shopping together and deal hunting, it's a lot of fun :0)

  5. I do so much better with him! He swells with pride as the cashier gives me a high five!

  6. I think this sounds like a GREAT idea! I hate going grocery shopping by myself.


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