Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ASavvyLife Closed

Thanks everyone for your support over the past few years. Unfortunately I have had to close this blog. I so loved blogging here and having my own voice but, alas, I am moving on for now. ASavvyLife.com was a wonderful learning experience for me in many ways and I appreciate all your patience while I was on this journey!
You can now follow me on TheWallyWorldWoman.com

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kid To Kid Mom's Night Out - April 26th 7pm

Kid To Kid, Utah is having an AWESOME Mom's Night Out starting at 7pm on Thursday, April 26th.   Each Kid To Kid location in Utah will be having refreshments, prizes and lots of fun.  You can even win a Savvy Shopper T-Shirt and grocery store gift card for attending!

In addition to all their amazing deals on gently used clothing, toys and books if you sell your clothing items to any Kid To Kid in Utah April 29th through May 19th you'll get a FREE Scratch card with 6 FREE possible offers on it!!!  You can scratch off 1 box and get one of the following deals:

  • Free Used Apparel Item up to $4.99
  • Free Used Toy up to $4.99
  • Free Book up to $2.99
  • Free Pair of Used Shoes up to $4.99
  • 10% OFF Your Purchase
  • Free Hair Bow up to $4.99
  • 20% OFF any new item
  • 10% OFF an Equipment item less than $100
  • Free Hair Bow up to $9.99 
I will definitely be there (cuz you know I love a deal, and free stuff even more) !

Monday, April 16, 2012

Adobe Photoshop Elements $50 - April 16th ONLY

WOWZA!  Today only, you can get the Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 full download for only $50.  That's a steal folks!

Code: Elements50

Buy Photoshop Elements Now! Or call 800-585-0774

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pantry Cooking 101 - Simple Shredded Beef & Chile Crock Pot Tacos

I must admit I love to cook but often find that raising children, cleaning house and running SavvyShopperDeals.com overwhelms my schedule.  With limited time available for prep work, dinner menus aren't always as intricate as I'd like.  But let's get real, down and dirty quick prep meals, though not as gourmet, are often just as tasty.  So I though I'd share a super simple pantry recipe we happened to have for dinner tonight and it is delicious! 

Shredded Beef & Chile Crock Pot Tacos:

(2) lbs Beef Roast (The cheapest cut works just as well as the most expensive!)

(1) 15 oz Can Beef Broth

(1) 4 oz. Can Diced Chiles (I use mild but you can use whatever you'd like.)

Black Pepper to taste


Coat large skillet and Crock Pot with cooking spray and turn heat to high. Cut roast in two equal(ish) portions.  Pour broth and chiles into prepared Crock Pot. Using tongs or fork, sear entire roast pieces in skillet until almost burned.  (Make sure to turn your overhead vent on while searing!) This greatly enhances any roasts flavor and seals in the juices! (Thanks Grandma Floss!)  Add seared roast to Crock Pot, sprinkle with black pepper and cover.  Cook on high for 5-6 hours or until meat shreds easily.

Shred beef in the Crock Pot with remaining liquid and reduce heat to low.  Cook for an additional 30 minutes and serve warm with flour tortillas, medium cheddar shredded cheese, black beans, refried beans, diced tomatoes & salsa etc!  Soooooooo good!  Tomorrow I'll make Beef Taquitos with the leftovers!

What's your favorite quick roast recipe?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

50% off Walmart Deals

Walmart Easter Clearance is now 50% off.  If you plan ahead for upcoming parties, you can use these deals to cut some costs! Normally I'd wait for 75% but there are a few hot deals that won't last that long:

Click image for larger version

Name: Screen shot 2012- .jpg
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ID: 6396 12 ct Easter eggs now only $0.25 WOW

Click image for larger version

Name: Screen shot 2012- .jpg
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Size: 20.1 KB
ID: 6397 Baby Shower Anyone? Cute Pastel Spree Jelly Beans only $1.14 WOW

Click image for larger version

Name: Screen shot 2012- .jpg
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Size: 21.0 KB
ID: 6398 220 Ct Easter Eggs $4.98 (Like $0.27 per 12 ct) WOW

Click image for larger version

Name: Screen shot 2012- .jpg
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ID: 6399 Girls or Boys B-day Favors - Hello Kitty Ball & CAndy or Star Wars Light Saber Candy = $0.50 WOW

Click image for larger version

Name: Screen shot 2012- .jpg
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ID: 6400 3 Lb Pinata Candy - NOT EASTER CANDY! = $2.74 WOW

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

$2.00/1 BirdsEye Voila Coupon!

Simply share a $1.00/1 Birds Eye Voila coupon with 3 of your friends via email and get a $2.00 Birds Eye Voila Coupon in return!

Walmart Deal:
  • Birds Eye Voila 22 oz = $3.98 - $2.00 Birds Eye Coupon = $1.98 WOW!

FREE Pure Protein Bars

WOW - Grab this $1.00/1 Pure Protein coupon when you sign up and you can get a Pure Protein Bar for FREE at Walmart and many other locations!  Print the coupon twice for 2 FREE Pure Protein bars!

Red Robin Tax Day Deal - Kids Eat Free

Kids eat Free at Red Robin April 10th through April 15th.  This is perfect since my hubby just got his FREE Red Robin Birthday Hamburger coupon!
Sign Up for the Red Robin Birthday Club

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cute & Cheap Easter Outfits!

Oh my word!  How adorable is Holland!  This pic was snapped at the AF Kid To Kid in Utah as they were gearing up for Easter.  I'm now an admitted Kid To Kidaholic and love scoring deals on trendy clothes that look like new! Kid To Kid also has a ton great hair bows (seriously the whole rainbow of colors and in the cutest materials!), Easter dresses, boy’s ties and suits.  I bought my daughter an amazing dress for Easter for only $7.  It had to be worn maybe once and was incredibly stylish.  (Have to make the 13 year old happy you know!)

With growth spurts a seemingly every day occurrence at my house, why pay full price for something your kids only get to wear a few times?  That's why I shop Kid To Kid.  Easter egg hunting, church, and Easter dinner - my kids look amazing for a third the price!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Detergent Buys! Top Rated Detergents

I found this article from Good Housekeeping detailing the best detergents for effectiveness and price.  It's no surprise that my favorite Tide came in first in several categories but a few did make me look twice. (Their price per load figures also made me do a double take.  We all know those prices are super high!)

The Test's Best

GH Seal holders Ultra Tide Plus Bleach powder and Ultra Tide powder.

The liquid versions of the top powders, Tide Plus Bleach Alternative and Tide With Acti-Lift 
Also noted: 2X Ultra Era

Best Value Detergents:

 Target's Up & Up 2X HE liquid

Walmart's Great Value Powder

This is what Cheating Looks Like - Walmart Price Match Cheaters

One of 3 carts confiscated by Walmart employees 
after Price Match Cheating (Theft!) Can you believe 
everything in this cart was under $1?  Check out the HUGE
 pack of Allegra.  $0.99?  Wow - that's amazing!
I ran in to my local Walmart last night to prep the Walmart Deals list for next week (Awesome deals are coming!) and was informed that people shopping at local Walmarts and lying about their price matching prices is still  a HUGE problem.  Shoppers are bringing 2 and 3 cart loads of product to the checkout lane and then trying to literally price match every thing for under $1.  Not only are they lying about price matches but they are altering our lists to try and reflect these prices and then saying that "Amy said that was the price".  Fortunately, many checkers are now referring to the actual ads that are kept in store to verify prices and these cheaters are getting caught!

Come on people.  Grow some integrity and don't drag my name in to this when you know you're being dishonest.  FYI to all the cheaters - they're catching on to you and soon enough you'll be caught

FREE 5x7 With the Easter Bunny - Walmart Deal

Grab a FREE 5x7 with your child and the Easter Bunny this weekend through April 1st from 10-2 at Walmart Super Centers that have a 1 hour photo!

Download more info here:  Free Walmart Photo Download

Monday, March 12, 2012

You might be a redneck couponer if....

If you use your shopping cart to cook your groceries :)  Hey it's cheap and free - but then, it is pretty cheap!  Anyone got any great BBQ recipes to share?

*NEW Purex Free Sample

Right now you can grab another FREE Sample of Purex from Walmart - while supplies last!

Kid To Kid $100 Shopping Spree - Each Store!

WOW - do you know what $100 could buy at Kid To Kid?  Practically an entire closet full of clothes!  I  bought an outfit for all 3 of my children including pants and shirts, plus extra shirts for under $2.00 after my used clothing trade last month!  I'm loving this shopping spree!
Right now you can enter to win a $100 Shopping Spree at each Kid to Kid store – there are 11 throughout Utah – through April 15th.  Each store will be awarding a $100 Shopping Spree, must enter at the Kid to Kid stores.
Contest runs from now through March 31 with the winners announced April 2nd so get to entering!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blickenstaff's Deal Adventure + FREE Blickenstaff's Candy

You may have seen a recent post by my good friend Mindi on SavvyShopperDeals about a new deal site called HubZub. They have a ton of local Utah deals - I mean A TON!!!

Mindi knows me pretty well and so she shared a pretty sweet (pun sort of intended) $5 for 1 lb. of Bulk Candy from Blickenstaff's deal - and a deal it is!

If you haven't been to Blickenstaff's - then you are seriously missing out! Blickenstaff's is located in Provo and is the ultimate toy and candy store! It is so so so so so so so so fun! (Did I use too many so's? I don't think so!)  Our family loves going to Blickenstaff's.  In fact my husband and I often swing by on date night to browse and pick up a treat for the babysitter! Blickenstaff's reminds me of a fun nostalgia store I used to go to at City Walk, Universal Studios, CA. (Living in CA for 11 years, you find all the hot spots!) 

Crazy Hat, Crazy Kid!
Well, Blickenstaff's is my new Utah Nostalgic Toy & Candy Hot Spot!  Blickenstaff’s carries hundreds of toys and candy items that can't be found in the big box stores - they even sell candy by the decade!  Everything in the store makes you feel nostalgic.  I love seeing games, toys and candy from my youth - years long gone by, dare I say vintage? - and my kids love the bulk candy bins!  Plus - they sell my mini metal shopping cart that I use for class giveaways! (We even went to Blickenstaff's once to take pictures for a Geometry Journal requiring trapezoids, quadrilaterals, hexagons etc!  Yep - got an A for all the unique examples!)

Unbelievable Jaw Breaker!
I bought the certificate the day Mindi posted it - as it was such a deal and also my 13 year old's birthday!  We went out to dinner and had Blickenstaff's candy for dessert!  The kids got to pick out exactly what they wanted (Gummy Sharks, Snakes, Frogs, Teeth, Strawberries, Alphabets and more!) and had a blast in the store!

BONUS!!!: When I went to check out the cashier handed me a flyer that details how all my blogger friends can get a FREE pound of candy!

Here's how it works:

1. Visit Blickenstaff's
2. Go Home, hop on your blog and write a post about Blickenstaff's - include a photo.  Link Back to Blickenstaffs.com and write a paragraph about your experience.
3. Post a link to your blog on Blickenstaff's Facebook Page.
4. Head in and collect (1) FREE pound of Bulk Candy!

Seriously - I love this store and no one needs to give me free candy to say it!!! (But I'll take the free candy too!)

Kid To Kid Model Search Winners

Congrats to all the Kid To Kid Utah Model Search winners! Cuties every one of them! From what I hear it was tough to narrow the choices down with so many gorgeous kids to choose from!
  • Age 0-2: Aftyn Norman, Shaely Warburton, Johnathan Warburton, Kinley Callister, Brody Smith, Sheldon Workman, Paisley Huntsman, Travis Jaeggi
  • Age 3-5:Shriman Narayanan, Braysen Norman, Mati Turner, Makenzie Bledsoe, Sean Patterson
  • Age 6-9:Jack Wangsgard, Dylan Thalman, Lexi Tanner,Aspyn Brinkerhoff, Karlee Clark, Spikey Jorgensen, David Olguin, Gage Fossum, Brooklyn Proffit, Elijah Proffit
  • Age 10+:Kyle Sorenson, Nicolas Jorgensen, BuffyJorgensen, Rylee Clark  

(Also, watch for my sweet Cayden and I in an upcoming Kid to Kid Video showing you how to shop at Kid To Kid and SAVE BIG!!!) :)

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