My savvy life does not define me, 
it merely inspires how I live...

...I am more than the sum of my coupon binder. 

You may be wondering why on earth I would be willing to take on another responsibility, like this blog, with my hectic, over-the-top, crazy coupon clipping life as The Savvy Shopper.  (My husband asks that question almost every day!)   There are 2 reasons for this self-imposed insanity:

#1.  To Help You

It's easy to lose the fundamental basics of couponing and saving money with all the website and blog clutter filling our computer screens and in-boxes nowadays. When we lose sight of the basics, moving forward becomes an overwhelming chore and ultimately savings are lost.  I want to get back to when saving money wasn't so complicated.  Don't get me wrong, I love a great deal and there are many wonderful websites and bloggers who contribute greatly to my savings repertoire.  But, you won't see me posting many freebies, deals or other discount sales here.  Rather, asavvylife is a place to come learn shopping tips and tactics, organizing OCD and some good ol' fashioned common sense from a seasoned deal seeking veteran as an additional resource for savings.

#2.  To Help Me: 

Sometimes, I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of amazing deals that I can neither share fast enough nor have the time to "get in on" anyway.  The pressure behind my life, in moments, feels crushing and never seems to be enough.  Yet, it is enough. It has to be enough. I am enough!  I am enough of a savvy shopper to sustain, enough of a mother to nurture, enough of a wife to love and be loved and enough of a woman to be proud of.  But, I was reminded recently, at a bloggers conference ironically, that the world of deals in which I live doesn't always embrace me nor my savings success, or anyone else who edges in on their bottom line for that matter.  In that galvanizing moment of  naivety and certainty, I resolved to welcome you into my heart, into my mind and into my savvy life.  All my irrational thought processes could muster was that if you knew me, really knew me, you would see me for who I really am and you just might like me...

...So here I am, on the edge of self-discovery and I'm jumping in.  It's A Savvy Life - my life... my love... and my pursuit to be a savvy shopper.


Savvy Post Schedule:
Monday:         Savvy Savings Article
Wednesday:  Savvy Tip of the Week or Product Review
Friday:            My Savvy Life This Week - The Good, The 
                                                                                Bad & the Ugly
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