Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Walmart Deals

:: Walmart Weekly Freebies & Deals List ::

    **Walmart Shopping Tips**  
     #1.  Use near expiration date coupons to get trial size products for free (as long as coupon does not exclude trial sizes).

     #2.  Walmart may adjust the redemption price of coupons if there is overage.  Meaning, if you have a coupon for $1.00 and the product is only $0.97, your coupon value may be adjusted to $0.97

     #3.  Price matching fits many shoppers needs, however, if you really need an advertised item on sale at another store, shop the competitor's store 1st!  That way you are guaranteed the product, either because they have a large supply in stock or you can get a raincheck if they are out and come back later.  If you try to price match a competitor's sale item and Walmart is out of the product, they will not give you a raincheck on a competitor's sale price!

    #4.  Don't forget to check the Hallmark Card endcaps during holiday clearance!  Stickers, giftbags and novelties are always included in the clearance!

    #5. While Walmart certainly has some of the lowest everyday prices, NEVER assume Walmart's prices are the lowest on every item!

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