Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kid To Kid Model Search Winners

Congrats to all the Kid To Kid Utah Model Search winners! Cuties every one of them! From what I hear it was tough to narrow the choices down with so many gorgeous kids to choose from!
  • Age 0-2: Aftyn Norman, Shaely Warburton, Johnathan Warburton, Kinley Callister, Brody Smith, Sheldon Workman, Paisley Huntsman, Travis Jaeggi
  • Age 3-5:Shriman Narayanan, Braysen Norman, Mati Turner, Makenzie Bledsoe, Sean Patterson
  • Age 6-9:Jack Wangsgard, Dylan Thalman, Lexi Tanner,Aspyn Brinkerhoff, Karlee Clark, Spikey Jorgensen, David Olguin, Gage Fossum, Brooklyn Proffit, Elijah Proffit
  • Age 10+:Kyle Sorenson, Nicolas Jorgensen, BuffyJorgensen, Rylee Clark  

(Also, watch for my sweet Cayden and I in an upcoming Kid to Kid Video showing you how to shop at Kid To Kid and SAVE BIG!!!) :)

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