Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Savvy Savings - Be Ready

As I shopped with my sister yesterday at Smith's in Payson I was reminded how important it is to be organized and up to date in cutting out my manufacturer coupons.  I'm teaching a coupon class for my sisters church group and she wanted some examples of hot deals you can get with coupons so off we went to Smiths. I showed her how Mega Event, Case Lot sales, online printable coupons and loadable coupons work and then I thought I'd point out the clearance deals (since Dec/Jan are hot personal hygiene clearance months) and how much money you can save by watching clearance and manager's specials shelf tags.

I found Loreal Excellence To Go on clearance for $3.82!   My sister was thrilled!  She uses this hair product and at over $5 in savings she planned to stock up.  But wait!  I had my coupon portfolio with me, of course, and in it some $2.00/1 manufacturer coupons.  Hair color for $1.82 - WOW!!!!

Couponers ask me all the time if they should could their coupons out or just save them, uncut, by the insert.  My answer has always been the same - you save more money by having your coupons cut out and with you at the store.  While not cutting coupons may save some time up front, they have to be cut out eventually and with over 1,000 unadvertised and clearance deals at most stores weekly, you'll simply miss out if you don't cut them out!

I prefer the binder/portfolio (it is a portfolio of savings you know) method of coupon organization.  By using clear 9-pocket photo holders to store and organize coupons shopping becomes a breeze.  You can see the product, value and even expiration date on coupons because the sheets are clear.  You'll even develop a bit of a photographic memory as you see your coupons on a frequent basis and are reminded which coupons you've got sorted in your binder.  You'll see and unadvertised deal, like the L'Oreal, and remember you have a coupon for that!  Savings made simple!

Of course you can save money not using the cut and store method, but you can save a whole lot more if you have your coupons with you at all times!  What coupons should you cut out?  Any coupon for a product or brand that your family would use if it were cheap, free or a family favorite.  If you wouldn't use it, why cut it?  Get your coupons cut out and keep them up to date for the most savings possible!  And if you get behind and overwhelmed, cut out the highest value coupons and save the insert booklets until you can catch up.  Couponing is soooooooo worth it - so don't give up, just do your best until your life is a little less hectic!

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