Monday, January 17, 2011

A Savvy Tip - FREE Mcdonald's Oatmeal

Well, Macgyver has the day off for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday.  (I think I'm one of the few in America who rarely get a day off, sometimes it feels like 24/7, non-stop, deal-seeking action supermom mode.)

Since I stayed up until 3 am ranking local grocery and national retail ads, I snookered the hubby into running to Rite Aid in Payson this morning to try and snag some free Simplify Toilet Paper & TGI Friday Snacks, along with a couple other things.  Well, of course they were out - but he did get a raincheck for me.  If you didn't know, you can get a rain check from most Rite Aid stores for any product with an Up Reward when the shelves are empty. 

With nothing left to do he headed next door to Mcdonald's, of course.  I'd heard rumors of free oatmeal coupons in the silverware packets across America and so I had him ask for some.  (Insert angelic singing here.)  Voila - FREE OATMEAL!!  Macgyver's such a clever little cuss that he got the silverware packet, jumped in the car, went through the drive-thru, ordered free oatmeal and of course asked, "Could I get a fork please?" for another free oatmeal coupon. (The oatmeal comes with an orange spoon, but the coupons come in the fork/knife combo.) The coupon doesn't expire until 3/27/11.

I tasted the oatmeal and can say it was truly yummy!  Apples, Raisins & Maple flavor!

I'm sure while you're out and about today you'll be in desperate need of a fork right?!? (Technically, you're not supposed to use the coupon until 2 hours after you get it, but the hubby didn't read the coupon.)


  1. Wow, I like your husband's style! That's awesome! I had a question on the +UP Rewards rain checks- Rite Aid WILL give you the +UP Reward later if it's written on the raincheck? Thanks, Amy!

  2. They'll give you the rain check with the AFTER Up Reward price! Usually up to 4 per sale item.

  3. So the tissue paper deal rain check will say 'FREE' on it? Thanks for answering my questions about this, I moved away from Rite Aid stores (sadly) and cannot ask them myself! :)

  4. Mine says (4) Simplify Bath Tissue $1.00 on the register rain check slip and then they hand wrote $1 Up Reward on the side :-)

  5. how do you get a coupon for the free oatmeal at Mcdonalds?


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