Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Savvy Tip: Disney Movie Rewards = Cool Stuff!

If you've never participated in Disney Movie Rewards, you are missing out!  Honestly, I haven't really been consistent with this promotional free goody program until recently.  I mean, I participate in so many other savings avenues that sometimes adding one more on top of what I'm already doing seems truly overwhelming.  Thus, my previous aversion to Disney Rewards.  But, after getting my feet wet and finding all the Movie Rewards codes in about 20 different Disney DVDs that I've purchased over the last few years, as well as all the free codes available online, I found out how easy it is to get rewarded!  It takes very little time to enter codes and the rewards available are easier to reach than even Pampers Codes, especially if you buy Disney DVDs regularly like me!

1.  Every time you buy a qualifying Disney DVD/Blue Ray you will find a special code inside worth 100-250 points! Enter these codes at Disney Rewards to be eligible for awesome freebies!

2.  Every time you watch a Disney Movie at the theater you can upload a photo of your ticket stub for up to 200 points!

3.  Every time you buy qualified Disney CDs you simply insert them into your computer, after logging in to Disney Rewards and you'll be credited for additional points!

PLUS - Get an additional 100 points on your birthday each year and bonus points throughout the year like 50 points as a New Year's Bonus!  And don't forget to take the VERY short Disney Reward Survey for an instant 100 bonus points!

Disney also releases FREE codes online for free points and even doubles rewards points from time to time!  Now is a great time to join this FREE program and start getting rewarded for loving everything Disney!

Here's some codes to get you started:

D11M20R01NY = 50 points
COOL = 50 pts

9FTMRYWEK = 50 pts
9EKSMN38SH = 50 pts

FPSNN83JX9 = 25 pts 


CHIHUAHUA = 25 pts (Thanks Thrifty101)

FM39V03SSW = 5 pts (Thanks Thrifty101)

REX = 25 pts - new members only (Thanks Thrifty101)

Once you've accumulated enough points you can earn awesome rewards for kids and adults, like FREE DVDS, limited edition artwork & more!

Whether you're new to the savings market or kickin' it into high savings gear, Disney Rewards are a simple, yet worthwhile way to be a savvy shopper!


  1. Thank you so much! You helped me get enough points for a DVD for my kids (we also had some DVD's laying around that still had codes inside)! I am excited to keep getting more codes and more free stuff.

  2. Thank you so much for the codes!!! How do you take the survey for 100 points?

  3. The survey link should appear on your members page under "Earn more Points".

  4. Some of these codes are not "Live", at least that's what the website told me.

  5. Thanks Veronica - I'll check them again. They all worked me for within the last week. They can end at any time however.


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