Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Savvy Tip: Warner Brothers Movie Rewards

I blogged recently about my love of Disney Movie Rewards points and how easy it is to earn FREE DVDS, Artwork and more by simply entering codes printed inside DVD packages, watching movies and buying CDs.  I thought I should also mention that Warner Bros. also has an Insider Movie Rewards program as well.  It's very similar to Disney's Rewards, though the prizes take more codes to earn.  But, if you love Warner Brothers movies, like the recent Inception (AWESOME) or Harry Potter, then make sure you enter your DVD codes online!

Like, Disney Rewards, Warner Brothers Rewards get you free DVDs and more.  However, they do run their program with an additional feature - Online Freebies.

How Warner Brothers Insider Rewards works:

1.  Points

2.  Credits

FREE Warner Brother Insider Codes:

New Members = 100 Points for signing up
WB23 = 200 Points

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