Friday, February 4, 2011

A Savvy Tip: Managing Facebook Freebies

At this point I'm hoping you've received lots of Facebook coupons, free samples and even full size FREEBIES!  It's so fun getting deals on Facebook and I'm totally addicted.  This week I got in on the FREE Clairol Hair Color, even though I don't dye my hair yet (for my sis), the $7.00 KY coupon, a FREE Voskos yogurt coupon, a FREE Cheez It Sample, Trying to get FREE Coffeemate  right now, I won a FREE Downy Sleep T, got a FREE Origins Sample and so many more Facebook deals I can't list them all!

There are free coupons and samples on facebook literally every single day, but have you ever paid attention to the fact that many of these Freebies require you to give these companies access your Facebook page/friends/posts?  Many Facebook freebies require you allow access to an application (app) and agree to let manufacturers post updates on your wall or access other personal information.  Remember when I said last week, "Freebies aren't really free"!?!  Here's a case where you have to give away part of your personal information as "payment" for a free sample.

But, did you know you don't have to continue to allow these apps to have, sometimes, unfettered access to your personal info after you get the sample or coupon?  If you've signed up for multiple Facebook offers and want to remove app access follow these easy instructions and restore your privacy!

Step #1:

Access your Facebook Account (upper right hand corner of your Facebook page)

Step #2:

Access your Privacy Settings from the drop down menu 

 Step #3:

Edit your App and Website Privacy Settings (bottom left hand corner of the screen)

Step #4:

Edit your settings and click on the x to remove unwanted apps or turn off all apps if desired! (I currently have 93 and need to remove most of them!) I try to remove unwanted apps from my page at the end of every month, but I've been a little busy ;-)

Facebook freebies and samples are certainly fun and for me an adrenaline rush to see if I can get in on the deals before they're gone.  However, it's also important to protect our personal online information where possible!  Check out how many apps you've allowed to have access to your Facebook page - you might be surprised! (Comment below with how many apps you have allowed access to on your Facebook page and we'll see who really IS addicted to Facebook!)


  1. I only had 53, but I often delete things as the pop up in my news feed. To do this click on the little x in the top right corner of the post and you can "unlike" the page from there. Thanks for sharing all the deals. :)

  2. Apparently I don't have the how to get into the freebees down yet, I only have 15 apps and none were the entries I tried to do this week.

  3. Btsfamily - Keep watching my facebook page for all the best Facebook Freebies & coupons and you'll rack up the apps soon ;-)


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