Monday, February 14, 2011

My Savvy Life This Week - You know he REALLY loves you if....

You know he REALLY loves you if....  He buys you $1300.00 Roses!

Seriouly, Walmart has quite the deal on roses this year ;-)  My mom was standing in line behind a young husband buying all kinds of sugar cookies, stuffed animals and other V-day accoutrements this past weekend.  She smiled at the piles of "love" he had crammed into his cart.  As he began to check out, he ran to quickly grab a dozen roses.  The checker scanned the roses which rang in at $1300.00!!!!!  Ok, clearly there was a pricing error and the checker called the manager over to fix the issue (it had been happening all day, the manager said).  Can you imagine if this gentlemen wasn't paying attention or even, possibly too nervous to speak up.  Though seriously, who wouldn't speak up - or even yell loudly in that moment.

Well, it is that day once again, you know the spending too much money on flowers, dinner and other non-essential gifts day to prove one day a year how much we truly love our partners!  Now don't get me wrong, I love Valentine's Day and I love my husband, but I also love that we don't have to prove that to each other just one day a year, and we don't have to prove it by buying gifts!  We love having a low key, low cost Valentine's Day.  In fact, this year I asked that my husband not spend ANY money on Valentine's Day, other than some takeout (probably a $5 footlong Subway and free cookie) and the notoriously FREE Valentine Red Box with code: BEMINE.

Actually, one of my fondest Valentine memories growing up is of my mother leaving small heart shaped boxes of chocolate candies on the end of my bed each Valentine Day.  It cost her less than a dollar, but I knew through this small token that she loved me and it's a tradition I have also adopted for my own children. 

It's the small things, the tokens, the service, the smiles that show our loved ones how we really feel.  Overspending just because we feel obligated to buy a $5 Hallmark card is not only unnecessary, but even wasteful in my opinion.  I love that released some beautiful FREE IOU coupons today so that you give service as a gift.  It's an inexpensive, yet meaningful gift.

He'll know you REALLY love him if.... You sign him up for a Netflix Free trial

You'll laugh, but my gift to sweet Macgyver this year is a free 30 day Netflix trial.  Told you, you'd laugh.  He's been wanting to try Netflix forever and I have been hesitant.  Being semi-computer illiterate, the only way he would ever get to try it out would be for me to set it up.  I printed out the confirmation and handed it to him this morning.  You should have seen the smile on his face!!!  I'm so glad that for him it's the little thoughtful things that matter!

Luv ya Tim! (Even though you thought it was a good idea to leave the 2 year old to feed himself in the high chair with a cup of yogurt this morning!)

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  1. I love this post! I agree about everything. I love that you are doing the Netflix trial for Valentines Day. Beware though you will probably be hooked! Thanks for all your fun posts!


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