Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Savvy Tip: All That Glitters Isn't FREE

 As I was reading all the blog posts this week about how cheap/free Gain Fabric Softener will be with the $3.00 coupon that came in the Sunday Newspaper, I had to laugh a little.  It was funny to me that so many shoppers intended to buy only the packages that were completely free.  As an example, Family Dollar has a 60 ct Gain Fabric Softener sheet package for $2.99 - $3.00/1 coupon = FREE.  While my Walmart has a 80 ct Gain Fabric Softener sheet pack for $3.52 - $3.00/1 = $0.52.

A friend called me and asked me where I thought she should use her coupon.  I told her that instead of opting for totally free I would buy the Walmart sheets.  Why?  Because she could get 80 sheets for only "$0.52 per box"!  If she has a limited amount of coupons (which we all do) and is looking to fill her laundry storage, the smartest idea would be to maximize the product purchased and thus maximize her savings!

That may sound weird coming from me since Free is my favorite word.  But you never know when fabric softener will be free/cheap again and stocking up at $0.57 for 120 count is an AMAZING DEAL.  Even if it went completely free before the coupon expired it would STILL be an amazing deal.  And as many of you know (Electrasol Tab coupon users), the free packs always go first and often remain unstocked for the duration of the coupons expiration date.

Sometimes you have to take what you can, and in this case bigger is better in my opinion!

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