Monday, March 7, 2011

A Savvy Tip - How To Tag a Facebook Page

If you're an avid Facebook user like I am, you should understand a new feature introduced to help your comments/compliments/complaints be seen by manufacturers, retailers and even friends!  It's called Facebook Tagging!  Basically, you are allowed to refer to a friend, manufacturer, grocer or retailer by name when you post a comment in your status.  To tag a FB page you must "like" them or be a "friend" first!  Then, simply use the @ sign and begin typing their name. A drop down menu will appear and you can select the appropriate Facebook page you want to mention.  Here's the coolest part: when you mention a Facebook page/company/friend in your status update your comment is also seen by everyone on their Facebook page.  Kind of cool huh!

So why would you use this Facebook feature?  It's a great way for friends to see you've been talking about them or automatically link them to a recent photo of them and your comments about it on your   Facebook page. It's also a great way to show support for brands or companies you love, as well as express frustration, and be heard!  Many companies are also starting to run giveaways which include tagging as a form of entry.  A few month ago when Lowe's ran their awesome Black Friday Facebook giveaway they asked users to tag them to show support.  It didn't count as an entry for the giveaway, but I believe tagging will soon be an option for many Facebook promotions and giveaways. 

Here's a video that Chick Fil A put together to show users how to tag:

Tagging is easy, but while I use this feature regularly I also use it like salt, just a little to taste.  Tagging manufacturer websites too much puts a bad taste in other Facebookers mouths and you'll find your comments being marked as spam which could get you kicked off Facebook for a minimum of 24 hours.

Try to tag your friends or you could tag @savvyshopperdeals and say hi! :-)

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