Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Savvy Tip - 8 Ways to Save on Case Lot Sales

I was interviewed by the Daily Herald a few weeks ago for an article about how to save money and be more prepared for case lot sales.  The article was published today and I'm pleased with how it turned out!

How to save on case lot sales:

#1. Establish Price Points - Know what your "great deal" price is before heading out to the store!
#2. Do Your Homework - Bulk buys aren't always the best deal!
#3. Cut Coupons - Savings always stack up when you match coupons to sales!
#4. Set Money Aside - Put away a little $ each month in preparation for bulk buys throughout the year!
#5. Take Inventory - Find out how much more food you actually need before buying more!
#6. Split It Up - Share the cost of bulk buys with family or friends if you can't use it all!
#7. Buy Only What You Use - Trying out new products in bulk is a bad idea if your family ends up hating them!
#8. Invest In Food - You should consider your food storage as an investment in your future!

Check out the full article on MOMCLICK

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