Friday, March 4, 2011

Cooking With Coupons: Smores To Go

I was asked to be the Young Women's Camp leader at my church a few weeks back.  O.k. I'm pretty sure they asked me to be in charge because they knew we'd eat like queens and apparently last year they thought they almost starved to death.  There's something about camping and being out in the woods that just makes everyone hungrier!

I do have to say, while I love camping, fishing and all that outdoor stuff (yes, I even tie and  bait my own hook - thanks dad!) I found out we will be going to a camp facility with cabins - YES!!!  Not only that, but there's hot running water, showers, real bathrooms, electricity and more - WOOT,  I love Heber Valley Girls camp!

I had my first camp meeting with the girls a couple days ago and wanted to get them really psych'd up to go, and bring a fun treat to share with the girls.  I'm kind of, well alright then, not kind of but really, a matchy matchy, coordinated type gal so I wanted the treat to be themed to camping.  Almost instantly I thought up these fun and super easy Smores To Go! (These would also be great for a fun family night or a rainy day treat when you just can't pitch a tent!)

Makes 30 Smores.


Step #1:

Run a sharp knife under hot water.  Wipe blade and insert all the way through a marshmallow.  Repeat for each marshmallow.  Insert a pretzel rod just to the end of the marshmallow.  Complete all marshmallows before the next step. Place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.

Step #2.  Melt chocolate according to package directions in a tall, narrow bowl.  Dip marshmallows half way in melted chocolate.  Allow excess chocolate to drip off or lightly tap pretzel rod against the container to remove excess chocolate.  (I used a tall Ziploc container on sale this week for $1.25 after coupons at Harmons.)

Step #3:  Lightly press freshly dipped marshmallow in coarsely crushed graham cracker crumbs and place on wax paper to cool.  Repeat.

Step #4:  Enjoy!

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  1. Super cute and yummy for my boys :) I was thinking it would be yummy to use the Honey Wheat Wheat Thins Stix too.


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