Monday, November 29, 2010

A Savvy Tip - FREE Dewalt Pedicures

Ok - don't laugh until you've tried it!  Sure I've got a storage room (or two) full of hot deals and cheap groceries but I also have dry feet and cracked heels from shopping all day!  Well, maybe it's not from shopping since it runs in my family. From my dad and mom to my sisters and brother, dry feet have plagued us for years.  But my Macgyver husband (also known as the toolman) is so clever as usual that he devised the best pedicure ever to wipe away the dry and bring back the soft & supple - a Dewalt Orbital sander of course!

Beauticians beware, you may not like this, but my husband regularly gives me and my entire family (yup, even dad) the power sander pedicure.  We're considering painting them pink and selling them on Ebay ;-)  He uses new 60 grit sandpaper to quickly smooth and refine our delicate feet.  Delicate - yah right!  If you're ticklish this one may be hard to take but for me it feels amazing!  With a little power polish and lotion my feet won't snag my nylons for quite a while.  (When my feet start feeling warm it means he's stayed too long in one spot and the dry skin is all gone.  Move the sander to a new area so you don't sander burn your feet!)

If you've got an orbital sander tucked away in the corner of your garage, dust it off and get smoothing!

On a side note, what an awesome hubby I've got who would sand the feet of his mother and father-in-law as well as all his sister-in-laws.  I love him to death as well as all of his ingenious devices with or without the use of duct tape!

Macgyver and his power tools!
Mom, Dad and Macgyver


  1. I do this too! Glad to know I am not alone. :)

  2. That is hilarious! I bet it works wonders! When can I come over for mine!? Maybe Home Depot or Lowe's will have a great sale on sanders...

  3. That is so funny, my dad showed us that trick a few years ago. right on!

  4. What men won't come up with right!?!


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