Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Savvy Craft - Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers
I'm famous (in my family) for being the Martha Stewart of Utah County.  I love making inexpensive, but fun craft projects out of ordinary products, like my frugal wrapping paper bows.  Yesterday I was asked to teach a youth group how to make some tissue paper flowers to decorate for an upcoming event.  These flowers are so gorgeous that no one will know they only cost about $0.05 a piece to make.  I have made these flowers dozens of times to decorate birthday parties, bridal showers, Mothers Day gifts and church events.  The Savvy clan and I have even turned them into giant flower pens using floral tape and stick pens.  I even made them to decorate the church gym for my daughters baptism.  We have an  enormous extended family and the church was the only place to hold the luncheon.  I wanted the room to be a bright celebration of this exciting day and used tissue paper flowers to spruce things up. (And of course I got a deal on all that food :-)

I thought I would share this simple and inexpensive decorating idea with you.

Family Luncheon decorated with Tissue Paper Flowers
Tissue paper flower table arrangements - I even sprinkled matching Laffy Taffy and flower erasers (from the dollar store) across the tables for the kids.  They loved it and all got to take a flower home.

Project Ingredients:

  • Chenille Pipe Cleaners
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors

Tissue Paper Flower How To:

Step #1:

Fold 2 Pieces of Tissue Paper in half and then in half again - see below
Tissue Paper Folds

Step #2:

Using Scissors cut folded edges to create (8) 1/4 sheet pages

Step #3:

Accordion fold tissue paper sheets and secure in the middle with any color pipe cleaner

Step #4:

Trim both ends of accordion with scallops, points or fringe for different flower effects
Scallop, Point & Fringe white tissue paper flowers made last night for a church function

 Step #5:

       Beginning with the top sheet, pull tissue paper up to the center of the flower.  Pull from the base of the paper, not the tips, to avoid tearing. 

Complete Flower

You'll end up with gorgeous multi-colored or solid color flowers which you can display in vases, tape to gifts or garnish a party table with.  These flowers are truly easy to make - my 6 year old and 10 year old made these:

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  1. I used these for a summer themed baby shower and they worked great! Glad you had the same frugal find :)


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