Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Savvy Giving - Food Bank Shopping Spree Update

Susan and Amy Shopping for the Utah Food Bank - Photo Courtesy of the Daily Herald
Can I just say how much fun I had on Saturday shopping for the Utah Food Bank at Reams In Springville, Ut!!!  Susan and Michelle were able to come shop with me and we filled 8 carts full of food to overflowing!  We saved over $300 in coupons and because we only bought savvy sale priced items we ended up with over in $1334 food for only $500!!!!  In fact it got to one point that I told everyone we might have to start paying full price for groceries or we would be there all day trying to spend just $500.  We kept getting deal after deal and the ladies reminded me that even if it took all day to spend $500 we should do it - AMEN!   I have to add that the young man who checked us out was quite impressed as the receipt just kept printing and printing and printing!  Thanks to Reams Springville, The Daily Herald, Michelle, Susan and all those who met and helped us there like Craig C., the Hammons, TwoCuff, Asia, Kailee and Ruth N.

My Coupon Portfolio of Savings :-) Photo courtesy of The Daily Herald
Loading The Truck With Our Haul!
Susan, Amy, Michelle from SavvyShopperDeals.com


  1. Looks like you got a lot of great deals for the Food Bank Amy. You're awesome & it was fun chatting with you for a sec!!

  2. Seriously impressive! Great job and cute hair cut Susan.


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