Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's the 411? Free 411 Calls

 FREE 411 Calls

You're in the car headed to dinner and you'd love to get on the waiting list of your favorite restaurant a little bit earlier or you're on vacation and need to find the closest Target because it's 90% off Christmas clearance (true story:-) - but you need one very important piece of information - the phone number! You could always call 411 and pay an exorbitant amount of money for literally 30 seconds of directory service or... you could get the 411 for FREE!

One of my "convenience" savings favorites is free 411 calls from my cell phone (or home phone). I have been using this complimentary service for several years now and love the convenience and the savings!

So here's the  digits: 1(800) 466-4411. When you call the number you'll be asked to state the city, state or business and they will connect you for free. How is the call free? The call is sponsored by Google and you will hear a 3 second "commercial" in exchange for the free call - sooooo worth the savings! (Phone plan minutes still apply but there is no extra fee.)

Make Google 411 your next saved phone contact and make all your 411 calls for FREE!


  1. Or you can just text your query to "Google" (466453) and get a text response...for free. Just don't do it while driving!

  2. Wow I had no idea this is awesome especially for my teenagers who dont seem to understand how much a cell phone bill can be.


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