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Pantry Potpourri: Toothpaste

Pantry Potpourri:

The Talents of Toothpaste

What is dentist recommended, filled with fluoride and a tool of choice for super action hero MacGyver? Toothpaste of course!  While MacGyver can kick start rescue attempts by disguising explosives as toothpaste, savvy shoppers can use toothpaste to kick-start household chores with explosive savings! 

I love finding additional uses for ordinary household pantry items to save even more time and money. Toothpaste is a hygiene staple and can always be found in the medicine cabinet or bathroom drawer. But, did you know that like MacGyver, toothpaste can be a superhero in your home? Try these great uses for toothpaste dressed in a secret disguise so the dirt will never know what hit it! (Note: Cleaning solutions are not meant for everyday use. Test on unseen areas first.)

Polish Shoes  - I remember as a child, scrubbing my white Sunday shoes with a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove the black scuff marks.  It worked like a charm and smelled great as well!  Smear a pea size amount of regular non-gel toothpaste onto white shoes or rubber soles.  Using a wet, soft bristle toothbrush gently scrub away dirt and scuff marks in a non-circular motion.

Remove Crayon -  Apply a small amount of non-gel toothpaste over crayon marks on your wall. Using a soft cloth, rub gently and rinse with warm water and watch the artwork disappear. (Or just buy washable crayons to begin with!)

Defog Goggles – Going swimming?  Wipe the inside of your swimming goggles with toothpaste using a soft cloth.  Using a clean portion of the cloth, gently re-wipe the goggles and they will stay magically clear underwater!

Deodorize Hands - There’s almost nothing I hate more than cutting onions.  Fortunately, I don’t have to participate in this activity often.  But, when you just can’t avoid dicing, get the strong odors of onions, fish or garlic off your hands with toothpaste. Simply apply a dab of non-gel toothpaste, just as you would hand soap, and wash with warm water. Try scrubbing dirty nails using toothpaste and a toothbrush as well. Apply lotion to moisturize. Ahhhhh, minty fresh!

Deodorize Babyware – If you’ve got a sour milk sippy cup or baby bottle that just won’t stop stinking, just clean it with non-gel toothpaste.  Using a bottle brush or sponge, apply toothpaste, scrub and rinse the smell away.

Headlight Defogger – Using a cotton cloth or buffing pad, apply a mixture of warm water and toothpaste to lackluster headlights.  The results?  No more bug or dirt residue!

Iron Cleaner – If your iron plate has collected souvenir gunk from clothing and craft projects past, use a non-gel toothpaste and cotton cloth to return it to new. Scrub cool iron with a warm wet cloth and toothpaste in a non-circular motion.  Rinse with a clean wet cloth and remove all excess toothpaste before using iron.

Jewelry Polish – In a pinch, apply a very small dab of non-gel toothpaste onto a soft bristle toothbrush. Scrub gently with a wet toothbrush. Rinse, and lightly scrub with clean toothbrush under warm running water to fully remove any excess paste.

Shine Silver/Chrome – Non-gel toothpaste can remove tarnish and restore a beautiful shine to silver and chrome.  The mild abrasive added to toothpastes aids in the cleaning process.  Apply toothpaste to silver or chrome surfaces, and using an old toothbrush or soft cloth, brush or wipe desired surface area. Rinse to check cleaning progress and re-apply as necessary.  Completely dry cleaned pieces before storing.  The fine abrasive in the paste polishes the chrome to a spotless shine.

Hair Bow Holder – Somewhere between the kitchen floor and the grocery store lays an adorable hair bow – if only it was still in your daughter’s hair!  Use this simple trick to keep bows in their place: using a wet comb, divide hair to be pinned.  Apply a small amount of toothpaste with a cotton swab to the inside clip of the hair bow.  Clip dampened hair and as the toothpaste dries it will keep the bow in place.  Use this simple technique to apply non-clip infant hair bows as well.  Use a small amount of water to re-dampen hair when removing clip.

All I can say is mmmmmmmm......
Clean Shower Doors -  The fine abrasive in non-gel toothpaste is the secret to its cleaning power.  Use a wet toothbrush and toothpaste to clean hard-to-reach shower door dirt and grime.

Toothpaste can truly be a powerful household tool in your pantry arsenal.  So pull a MacGyver and take your dental hygiene to a whole new level!

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  1. I love to use toothpaste to clean my tile grout as well--I use a lot of water so it gets nice and foamy, and brush away with my old cleaning toothbrush. My kids love to help me and then my kitchen smells minty fresh!


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