Friday, September 17, 2010

My Savvy Life This Week: Dirty Deals

As deal-a-holics, as one might call us, we often have a sizable reputation for being frugal but dishonest.  While this tagline is certainly not applicable to all couponers and deal seekers, it is also certainly true that sometimes the glove fits!  I am sometimes amazed at the level of audacity with which shoppers finagle a deal on the gray side of the white line, and sell their integrity for less than $0.25. love a good deal as well as the next shopper, but applying the "I'll try using this coupon and see if anyone notices or I'll make up my own prices to price match" method are a blight on the coupon community.

As I stood in line behind a woman checking out at Walmart this week, I was appalled at the level of dishonesty she used to price match her entire shopping cart.  I knew of not one item for which she offered the correct competitors price.  In fact, I knew the accurate prices for the products she rattled off and that some were not even on sale at the stores she mentioned.  It was evident from her actions, her "fake" shopping list (with no prices noted) and her demeanor that she had completely pulled product sale prices out of thin air - she even gave too high a price on the soda she was buying.  I should have said something to her or the checker before she rang out, but in that moment I was flabbergasted.  Believe me, I have heard stories of shoppers employing this tactic before, but I had never personally witnessed anything so blatantly wrong.  I did inform the cashier after the transaction was complete that she should have asked to see a sale ad for each item matched.  She too was surprised that the woman checking out had lied - not only lied, but literally stolen revenue from the store.

Purposefully slipping expired coupons past a cashier, attempting to double stack manufacturers coupons, using photocopied coupons or even faking competitor prices is the same as stealing, in my opinion!

In the end, no one owes us anything.  They don't owe us a great deal because over a year ago we were overcharged on a purchase (I have actually heard this excuse) or we feel we deserve it for any other ridiculous rationale. There are more than enough honest deals to go around that no one need sell their honor for any amount of money.


  1. Honestly seriously is the best way to live our lives.

    I have to confess though, I had a free Alaways Pads (up to 18 count) coupon this week. The kind I wanted was 20 count/pack. So I thought, well, what if I bought it with a coupon and just come back to exchange it later? (Wings/ without wings.) They are the same price so the store wouldn't care!

    Well, the devil in me end up ringing my transaction up on a self check kiosk. I rang up the 20 count pack and gave the cashier my coupon. She never said anything and I sneaked through.

    I still feel bad but I just didn't want to get something that I wouldn't use. ok. That's no excuse. And I feel bad for doing it.

    Deep down I know the store wouldn't care. And they probably would've just told me to do the same thing or to exchange it later if I had asked. ah. The battle of being honest.

    Let me tell you though, it's not worth it for a few extra pads to feel bad forever!

  2. The exact same thing happened to me this week! I've been trying to decide what my responsibility in the matter should be. Should I confront the Shopper, talk to the Cashier, notify a manager. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. i agree with you 100%- its not worth losing your personal integrity to save a couple {or more} bucks. I hate hearing stories like that about blatantly dishonest people. I'm glad you said something to the cashier because we should all stand up for what is good and right. thanks for sharing!

  4. Because of all the people abusing coupons, the Provo Macey's will no longer accept printed coupons (legitimately off the Internet) for free items like the Nabisco cookies or printed coupons with any other store's logo on them (even if they say "manufacturer" coupon). This is solely because of all the fraud they have had to deal with. It's sad that a few bad eggs ruin a few good deals for the rest of us.

  5. That's crazy!!!! I've been surprised that so many cashiers at Walmart don't ever ask to see the papers when I'm price-matching. I even ask if they want to see the prices I'm matching, and most often they decline!!!


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