Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kohls Deals

I love shopping at Kohl's because you can get AMAZING savings with Kohl's Gold Star Clearance! I recently purchased a pair of Polo Jeans, leather GBX shoes and an Arrow shirt for my hubby's birthday for only $25 after clearance and discounts!  Check out this pair of Nike running shoes for 90% off priced at only $6.90.  But I actually only paid $4.14 after an extra 20% off clearance, another 20% off because I used my Kohls card, plus I got Kohl's cash back on my purchase!

Saving at Kohl's is as easy as 1-2-3!

**Kohl's Shopping Tips**

#1. Use a Kohl's Card: (I'm not a big fan of credit cards, but this one is a winner if you use it correctly!)
    • Kohl's card users regularly get an extra 15%, 20% or even 30% off their purchase on top of sales or clearance prices! (Extra discounts apply at least 12 times per year!)
    • Kohl's card has NO annual fee!
    • Pay your card purchase off at the checkstand or at customer service! Immediately after you get your extra savings and pay for your transaction with your Kohl's card, tell the cashier you'd like to pay off the card.  You can pay the card off completely without any finance charges!  You can pay with cash, check or debit card.  You can also pay off your card at customer service with cash or check = NO DEBT! 

      #2. Shop Kohl's Gold Star Clearance:

          • Wait for Kohl's 80% off clearance! Plus, Kohl's frequently runs an additional 20% off all clearance price promotions.  This is the time to run to Kohl's for rock bottom prices!
          • Use your Kohl's charge card on all clearance purchases when additional discounts apply.  Remember, you can pay your card off immediately after purchase so you won't have any finance charges or debt accruing!

            #3. Shop Kohl's Cash Promotions:

              • Kohl's runs a Kohl's Cash promotion several times a year.  For every $50 you spend, you'll get a coupon worth $10 towards the purchase of any item in the store within as designated date range. (Usually the following week).  

              • Kohl's cash can be a great way to save additional money as long as you remember to go back and spend it and spend it wisely.  Kohl's cash NOT should be considered free money to spend on regularly priced items - rather another discount on top of the great sale and clearance deals you'll be buying with the cash.
              Kohl's Card Discounts + 
              80% Clearance + 
              Kohl's Cash 
              = AMAZING SAVINGS

              Kohls' Online Clearance Link

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