Friday, September 30, 2011

*HIGH* Value Make Up Coupon!! - What Does Face Product Really Mean?

UPDATE:  Blush and Sponges are included = MONEY MAKERS at almost every store, including Walmart!!

This Sunday, across the nation hundreds of thousands of ecstatic women will awake to find an amazing $8.00/2 CoverGirl Face Product coupon in their P&G Coupon Insert.  My first reaction to hearing about it was complete amazement and that "drug free" high feeling I'm always talking about.  :)  My next thought was how much this coupon will unknowingly be used improperly by a lot of those same shoppers.  It's not like couponers are doing anything unethical in this situation - it's really CoverGirl's fault, but shoppers are going to end up looking like we're cheating when the coupon likely won't be accepted and beeps at the register!  Many of us will be denied the ability to use the coupon because it won't scan.  So, I thought I'd explain what types of products these coupons are really intended for so that, hopefully, no one gets frustrated on this one.

If you check your coupon binder right now, you'll notice several current Loreal Cosmetics coupons.
  • Loreal Lip Product Coupons
  • Loreal Infallible Lip Product Coupons
  • Loreal Powder, Blush, Concealer or Primer Coupons
  • Loreal Eye Product Coupons
  • Loreal Cosmetic Face Product Coupons
All of these coupons seem pretty obvious as to their intended product for purchase, except the last coupon; Face Products.  Umm, that's the only place I wear makeup.  It's not like I wake up in the morning and put mascara on my fingernails!  Makeup, for most of us ;) is only worn on our faces so it makes logical sense that Face Product coupons should cover the entire line of L'Oreal cosmetics in this case - but it actually doesn't.

Loreal Face Product Brands
"Face Product" cosmetic coupons usually refer to foundation type cosmetic products, powders, blush and concealers.  Most times if you try to use these coupons on eye shadow or lipstick, the register will beep and reject your coupon because that's not what the manufacturer intended for you to buy.  I think they should definitely be more specific on the product that they want shoppers to buy, but unfortunately they don't always do that.

CoverGirl Face Product Line
The $8.00/2 CoverGirl coupon will still make for some amazing deals - even FREE makeup!!!  Just be prepared to use the coupon on Face Products ONLY for the best results.  (Each Manufacturer can differ on what they term "Face Products".  This is a YMMV situation.)  I'll try to do some test buying next week and see what products this coupon can be accepted on.  I'm thinking it should scan on facial sponges, puffs and other Face Product applicators as well.  If so, that means you could make money at Walmart on the overage.  I'll keep everyone updated.

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