Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Savvy How To: Recycled T-Shirt Bibs

Cayden and his favorite t-shirt bib!  It's time for a new one!
I think bib makers must be delusional when they make them so stinking small! Maybe babies drool directly under their chins, but toddlers skip that whole neck region and go straight for spilling down their round and protruding little bellies! Yep, my little 3 year old has perfected the art of spilling most anything red down the front of his white Sunday shirt and into his lap whenever possible and all while avoiding the little bibs meant to protect his clothes and mother's sanity.

So at our house we use recycled t-shirt bibs (when we remember to put them on before Sweet Cayden gets to the food that is!) These bibs were actually my Macgyver husband's idea so kudos to you sweetheart! All it takes to make these is some sharp scissors and an old men's t-shirt.

Recycled T-Shirt Bib:

Step 1: Trim front sides of t-shirt to desired width. I usually leave 4-5 inches to cover my kids shoulders as well as their bellies!  Don't worry about cutting super straight lines as the edges of the shirt will curl once cut and washed.

Step 2: Cut away the excess back and arms of the shirt, rounding the back collar approximately 2-3 inches long.

Step 3:  Trim bottom of t-shirt to desired length.

Step 4:  Cut remaining t-shirt into household rags.

The pictures above make the t-shirt look pink.  It's really maroon :)
I can make these bibs to perfectly fit each of my children and I'm simply utilizing things I already have in my home.  They may not be elegant dinner party ware, but they do the job day to day and save me laundry headaches every time we use them PLUS Free cleaning rags!

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