Friday, October 28, 2011

Couponer Caught Shoplifting!

Ok - so it wasn't a full time, coupon hoarding deal seeker that got caught shoplifting this week - it was my 3 year old "don't forget to use the news coupons mom!" son who was caught red handed stealing cinnamon decorator candies this week!

My Sweet Cayden the Shoplifter!?!
Yesterday, I finished my regular shopping (since Thursday is sort of my day off - but I'm so addicted to deals I can't stop myself from looking) and headed out to the car with an awesome cart full of deals and that's when he showed me.  With a sweet and very happy smile on his face, my 3 year old pulled a bottle of red hot candies out of his fireman's hat.  What!?!  I was so busy getting deals myself that I hadn't noticed his sly bottle pilfering.

I immediately expressed that we don't take things from stores without paying for them, it's called stealing and that he'd have to go back inside and return them.  Cayden was dutifully repentant and sullen when I explained that you can get in big trouble for taking things without paying for them.

We went back in to the store and he returned the item with a quiet "I'm sorry I tooked your candies".  The bagger kindly asked him to not do it again and Cayden again repeated that he was sorry.  After getting in the car I called "daddy" and let Cayden explain what had happened and we again discussed it at home later that night.

I remember taking a saltwater taffy from a store when I was about 5 and my mom making me do the same thing, and no, I have never stolen anything since!  Do you think I did the right thing?  Should I say more to Cayden?  Should I have said less?

I will admit I did get a private laugh out of his thievery though!  Check out what he took:

It's on clearance!  My son or what!?!  (I took the picture to blackmail him in my later years!)


  1. You totally did the right thing. I had a bad habit when I was a kid and my mom caught me once, but was too embarrassed to take me back to the store so I just learned to not get caught. It took until I was 11 or 12 to stop. I won't stand for it with my kids even if they take something from one of their siblings, I remind them that it's wrong.

  2. You did the right thing. My son did the same thing with 2 bubble gum packages when he was 3. He reminds me now that we have to pay first. lol (No I'm not stealing, he just reminds me.)

  3. Totally the right thing! Of course it was clearance. :)

  4. I love that it was clearance! I have that chat with my 3 year old every time we are in the store. I just follow the Rolo wrapper trail until I find him... Then we pay for it, I throw it away in front of him, and off we go again. How do you get him to just sit in the cart?!


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