Friday, October 22, 2010

A Savvy Tip: How Long Does Chocolate Last?

Ok - I haven't had chocolate in almost a year!! My New Year's Resolution was to not partake of it's luscious goodness for 365 days and I'm almost there - 70 days left to be exact - but who's really counting ;-) I mean it's not like I see chocolate bars in the store and hold them up to my nose, inhaling the inviting aroma that will be mine in less than 1,669 hours. Or even, when I make a sippy cup of chocolate milk that I watch the silky stream of Hershey's syrup slowly pour into that snow white cup of milk as if time were standing still for the next 6,008,400 seconds until that sippy cup will be mine - to heck with the two year old.  Pshhhhhh - no big deal!

Alright - I do have a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter cups hiding in the back of the freezer and I have already planned a massive chocolate attack at 12:00.01 on New Years Eve.  I'm making Decadent Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oreo Shakes and stuffing myself in general with candy bars until I throw up - wanna come? 

You might be thinking about all the chocolate I have already stocked in my cupboards for the night of chocolate wonderment that is about to dawn.  Won't it be too old in a few months to even eat? NO WAY!!  Not only am I stocking up on chocolate for my New Years feast, I'm buying bags of snack size Halloween Candy for Christmas and Easter!  Halloween candy is running between $0.74-$1.00 a bag on sale with coupons and will certainly last at a premium quality for that long - I do it every year.  Stockings and baskets stuffed with discount chocolate love - what could be better? (Hope I didn't ruin that one for the believers ;-)

Many years ago I heard Martha Stewart say that milk chocolate will stay at a premium for 6-9 months, meaning no change in taste.  Dark chocolate, if stored in low humidity can actually be kept for years!  Freezing chocolate will change its appearance so if looks matter - don't freeze, just store your chocolate in a cool, dark place (like the back of your dresser drawer or under your side of the bed).  Once again Martha - you are amazing!  Not only can you make my holiday table shine with pizazz, you can make my mouth shine with happiness.

Right now is the perfect time to buy a few extra bags of M&M minis, Snickers, Twix or my favorite, Reeses PB Cups.  They're cheap and they'll make a cheap holiday filler! (or just raid the kids Halloween bag when they're not looking.  They'll never know it's recycled candy, plus you can spread the cavities out over a few months! [Insert evil laugh here] - I do it every year!)


  1. I always freeze the chocolate bars from my kids Halloween candy, makes it nice to spread out some of the treats. Plus there isn't anything like a frozen candy bar when that snack attack hits

  2. What store are you getting the bags of candy for that price with coupons? I can't seem to find any that are on sale.

  3. Be careful on eating too much chocolate at the end of your chocolate fast. I had a friend that did the same thing and then he sat down to eat a plate of brownies to break his year fast and it made him sick. He eats very little chocolate now.

  4. Can I come?? I love chocolate. L-O-V-E it. I'll even bake some of the chocolate desserts for you. I don't think I'm ever going to give up chocolate. You are amazing for doing it for a whole year. The longest I've made it is a week and then my husband came home with a bag of chocolate candy for me. I am much, much happier on my chocolate diet.


  5. Ya, I'd stick to the 6-9 months rule. 'Cause there is someone in our neighborhood who seems to stock up and give out stale chocolate. If you've ever tried to bite into an old Snicker's bar, then you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. As tempted as I am to buy candy on the cheap and save it for next Halloween, all I have to do is remember that ol' Snickers bar - not good. Thanks for the post - I'll be keeping some candy for Christmas - fo' sure!

  6. Good for you for restraining from chocolate! Almost all New Year's Resolutions are out the window just a few weeks or days later. Amazing that you're doing it.

    I've been looking for Halloween candy on sale too to combine with the coupons. Smiths had a good sale that ended on Tuesday night but I wasn't able to make it there. I would hate to pay full price this year. Would you suggest waiting until next week in case a store has last minute sales?

  7. Candy is super cheap at Rite Aid this week! Check out this link:


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