Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Savvy Halloween Craft - Plastispooks

I just loved this fork skeleton from Womans Day!  Whenever I can make something inexpensive and fun from my pantry it's a win! You could also use black sporks (with a white paint pen) and call it a plastispork :-).  I've figured these will cost less than $0.10 ea to make - now that's a deal in my book!

White plastic spoon
Black fine-point Sharpie
4 white plastic forks
White Foam or Felt - (or even heavy cardstock)
Glue Gun
White Pipe Cleaner

Draw face on back of spoon bowl and dots along handle for spine with marker. Draw long lines for bones on front of fork handles and dots for short bones on tines.

Cut ovals for shoulders and hips from foam or felt. Center across top and bottom on back of spoon handle; glue and clamp with clothespin (or chip clip :-) until dry.

Glue arms to shoulders and legs to hips at front; clamp with clothespins.

Wind pipe cleaner loosely around spine for rib cage; glue ends to back of shoulders and hips.

So cute - Making these tomorrow with the little chitlins!

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