Saturday, October 16, 2010

Savvy Tip: Free iphone 411

Previously I had mentioned how much I enjoyed the FREE Google 411 service (1-800-GOOG-411).  I loved it because it was voice powered free 411 operator style info of course, but also because you didn't need texting plans to use it.  However, Google will be discontinuing this free service as of November 12, 2010.

In its place Google has implemented a FREE voice search app for iphone, Blackberry, Nokia or Android.  Pretty cool since I bought a new iphone earlier this year. The downside?  The new app isn't a voice response with direct connect anymore.

Obviously, if you don't have a smartphone these products won't work for you right now.  But you can still text Google for information with the name and location of the business to 466453 ("GOOGLE") or use Gmail to call anywhere in the US or Canada for free if you have a web/text package.


  1. I text Google ALL the time. I'm bummed they're getting rid of Goog411 because my mom just discovered it and loved it.

  2. I loved it too - The new app won't connect at no charge anymore either. Boo!!!


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