Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey - The Cheapest Meat (Stock Up)!

With the current, and outrageous, price of beef due to our lagging economy, now is the time to fill your freezers with Turkey.  It's almost Thanksgiving and grocers are practically giving turkey away (Winco is giving away free Turkeys with a $100 purchase)! At $0.49-$0.99 for whole turkeys or turkey breasts this bird is a thankful delivery.  You can't get any other kind of meat for these prices - anywhere.  Rump roasts range from a whopping $2.50 lb to $4.50 lb.  For less than 25% of beef costs you can load up on lean turkey.  But don't wait too long, turkey prices will head north in just a couple weeks after Thanksgiving has come and gone!

If you don't have room to stock whole turkeys for a few months consider buying a couple bone-in turkey breasts. (Target has them on sale for $0.99 lb this week!)

These smaller size turkey portions are about the same size as a family roast.  Turkey breasts are easier to defrost than a whole turkey as well, and you don't have to touch the gross gizzards and giblets - Yuck!  I always try to keep of few of these breasts on hand for extra special Sunday dinners with the family.

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