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*HOT* 50% off Kid To Kid Deal Gift Certificate!!!

 THIS IS LIVE  - HURRY!!! 50% off KidtoKid Certificate Link

Can I just tell you all that I am a new found, and lifelong fan of Kid To Kid.  You may have seen one of my recent articles in the Daily Herald, The Valley Journals or Utah Family Magazine talking about the amazing deals I got at the Lindon, Utah location for FREE by exchanging out some clothes that don't fit my kids anymore.  I was able to get a dress, long enough, but "hip" enough for my 12 year old, 2 pairs of practically new name brand jeans and a really cute top for under $18! WOW!!!  It's amazing what you can do with just $20 at this store.  With Christmas creeping up you definitely should stop by Kid to Kid and stretch your budget even further!

PLUS: On November 18th & 19th, K2K is offering a Buy it Now deal where you can purchase a $12 gift certificate for $6.00 through  You can redeem it anytime through February 2012.  Limit One per household.  Buy the deal from 4:00 p.m. on the 18th through midnight on the 19th. (And if you have older kids, Uptown Cheapskate – Kid to Kid’s sister store for teens and young adults is offering the same deal on Junior Fashions for guys and gals at This deal will be available starting on the 18th!  I just got an advance sneak peak notice of the deal - Shhh!


The real joy of Christmas comes from giving – both to friends and family, and to those who are less fortunate.  But sometimes that’s a challenge when you’re on a tight budget yourself.  Check out these awesome gift giving tips from Shauna of Kid To Kid:

Here are some creative ideas on gift giving on a budget.


This is a great way to help your kids participate in a meaningful way in the gift giving process.

Most kids don’t have jobs, but one thing they DO have is stuff.  This might include clothes they’ve outgrown, toys they don’t play with anymore, books they no longer read, and even the coat and snow boots they wore last year.  If your kid’s stuff is in good condition, it can be sold to Kid to Kid for some quick and easy holiday cash.

Double bonus – you’ll get them to d-eclutter and your house will be ready for Xmas too!  Let them keep the money from the things they sell to buy presents for friends, cousins, siblings, etc.

What kinds of things can kids sell?

  • Toys and books and learning toys
  • Big toys like kitchen sets, ride-on toys, or classic toys like Fisher Price Little People sets bring the most money.
  • Building toys like blocks, Legos, or Duplos are also great.
            (Clean them up, and make sure all the pieces are there so  another child can play with the toy.)
  • Shoes and Boots – These are high demand items at Kid to Kid – especially snow boots this month.
  • Clothes – Right now we’re especially looking for winter clothes, dancewear, coats and hoodies, and holiday outfits.  As cute as their holiday outfits were last year, they’re not going to fit again this year.  So clean out the clothes and bring all the nice stuff to K2K to earn money.
  • Baby Gear – Don’t let things like this you baby’s pack n play and exersaucer collect dust in the basement.  Bring them in to Kid to Kid and earn some holiday cash.

Last week, we had a cool dad come into our store.  He has two little boys, but really wanted to help a neighbor family who had girls.  So he brought in his son’s toys and clothes to sell.  Instead of taking cash (which his neighbor would have been embarrassed to accept), he set up an account for his neighbors to use to buy things their daughters needed.  The girls were able to come in and try on things to pick exactly what they wanted.  They felt like princesses going shopping in such a nice store.  And because the prices are so low at K2K, they were able to pick up 3 or 4 times as much stuff as if they had gone to a “regular” store.

Setting up an in-store account for someone else when you sell is like buying them a gift card, but even better.  When you sell things and choose store credit, you earn 20% more – so they get 20% more!  Just let the Kid to Kid buyer know, and we can create a store credit account for the kids you’ve decided to provide Christmas for.

3.        SHOP KID TO KID FOR SUB-FOR-SANTA OR ANGEL TREE GIFTS and receive 10% off.

This discount even applies to brand new toys.  You might already know that K2K sells nice used toys, but what many people don’t realize is that they also carry brand new toys – and they stock up for the holidays.  Choose from wood puzzles or Decorate Your Own craft kits from Melissa and Doug, fun role play toys like child sized aprons, rolling pins, and brooms, science kits, and more.  The selection varies in each store.


It’s more than a little awkward to give something that’s been used as a gift, even if it’s a practical idea.  When you want to give someone the very most for your money, a Kid to Kid gift card is the perfect solution.  A K2K gift card is another great way to let someone choose just what they need the most and get far more for the money you spend – up to four times what they could get in a regular store.  They could buy baby equipment like a highchair or baby swing, maternity clothes, kids clothes, a warm coat and gloves, or toys.

5.            SHOP IN NOVEMBER AND GET A MYSTERY GIFT CARD WORTH $3 TO $50 when you spend $25 or more.  

This gift card is redeemable in December to help stretch your holiday budget even farther.

Kid To Kid is definitely a DEAL in my book and I'll be grabbing one of those gift cards for sure!  Make sure to follow Kid To Kid on Facebook to watch for sales and other hot deals!


  1. Amy, do you know what happened to the Provo Kid to Kid? Did they just close it for good, or in the process of moving a new location?

  2. Unfortunately, they closed down :( I wish they would open a store in So. Utah County as well!


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