Friday, June 10, 2011

Help - I Can't Print Coupons!

Except my coupon didn't actually print!
 For some shoppers printing coupons is as easy as point and click.  For the rest of us, (including me from time to time), it's a frustrating web of installing and uninstalling coupon printers, changing web browsers, reading printing error messages and receiving the standard formatted response email from

Unfortunately, printable coupon sites don't always respond well to web browser security updates for Firefox, Safari, IE etc. and sometimes they just can't seem to catch up at all!  Currently, I can only print Smart Source Coupons using Safari on my Mac - Firefox just won't cut it.  Switching browsers is one way to print coupons if you just can't seem to get them to print on your current browser.  I often switch back and forth from Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari in an attempt to reign triumphant over  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Right now I'm getting a Cups Filter error for and it's only something they can fix so no matter how many browsers I try, I can't win and I hate losing!

But there is a way to win some of these coupon printing battles and that is to get the coupons mailed to me!  Yes that's right, you can get some printable coupons mailed to you!  These coupons are called Bricks coupons (they have the word Bricks in the web address).  If you have struggled with printing coupons or have never been able to print them successfully, keep an eye out for bricks coupons and you can still save money!

If you click on a "bricks" coupon and it just won't print, look down in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and you'll see a help button (most coupons have this option, but not all).  Click the help button and fill out the form to have to coupon mailed to you!

Make sure to use your back arrow to request a second copy!  You can get 2 coupons mailed to you, just like some folks can print two copies of the coupon!  You might not be able to get the coupons right away, but at least you can still get them!


  1. Fantastic!!! Thanks so much for articles like these. They are sooooo incredibly helpful!!!!

  2. I have 2 computers. On one computer I use google chrome with XP my other computer is google chrome with windows 7. On the 2nd computer I could NEVER print from but now I can! I uninstalled the Nortons that came with my computer and downloaded a different antivirus and now it prints! Must have been the Nortons blocking it!!!


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