Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Help - I Can't Print Coupons! Part 2

If you have been struggling to print Coupons.com coupons or Brick coupons, never fear!!  As I mentioned in a previous blog, you can always have 2 copies of the Bricks coupons mailed to you, which is a decent solution to not being able to print and save any money at all.  Honestly, I've been frustrated with the response I've received from Coupons.com in regards to the inability to print.  Now I know they are likely certainly overwhelmed with daily emails about the same issue, but I still wanted an answer of some sort or at least an acknowledgement of the issue (so that I wouldn't think I was simply insane and alone in being unable to print).  I was thrilled when they responded to my query today on Facebook:

Hallelujah!  Crossing my fingers for a quick fix.

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