Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pantry Potpourri: Dryer Sheets

Pantry Potpourri:
Dryer Sheets - It Just Makes Scents!

To keep your clothes smelling fresh and static free it’s likely you use some form of fabric softener with each load of clothes in your dryer. I love to store my surplus stock of dryer sheets in my laundry cupboards so those stinky socks and wet washrags don’t get the better of me.  I even make my sheets last longer by cutting them in half before using, as there is more than enough softener on half a sheet.  I hate to throw away a dryer sheet that still has some “life” left in it!  So, I’ve started saving my used and new sheets and repurposing them.  Did you know dryer sheets can be used outside of the laundry room for a variety of amazing alternate scentsible ideas?  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Garbage Can Odor Prevention: I tuck a laundry sheet under the garbage bag liner in each bathroom to keep the bathroom smelling clean for weeks!

Dresser Drawer Deodorant: I love to tuck half of a dryer sheet in a knee high stocking at the back of my sock drawer.  Love that dryer fresh scent each morning!

Shoe Patrol: Stick half of a dryer sheet in each smelly shoe to eliminate odor overnight.

Car Cleanup: Stick a dryer sheet under the driver’s side car seat to refresh your ride!  It also helps cover up the spoiled milk smell from my baby’s sippy cup accidents until I can wash the car seat!

Shower Door Scrubbers: If you have soap scum buildup on your glass shower door simply wet a dryer sheet and scrub the spots away.

Static Clean Quick Fix: Out of static control spray?  Just lightly rub a dryer sheet on the inside of dresses or skirts in a pinch for a static-free day.

Bug Repellent: Keep those mosquitoes from biting by rubbing a dryer sheet on your arms and neck. (Check for skin irritations first.)

Toilet Paper Freshness: Roll up a dryer sheet in your toilet paper tube. Every time you spin the roll you’ll get some added freshness in your bathroom. 

Listless Linen Closet Control: Tuck a new dryer sheet between an old washcloth in the linen closet to spruce up your sheets.

Suitcase Scents: When traveling tuck a used dryer sheet in a sock between items in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Camping Check: Tuck a dryer sheet inside rolled up tents and backpacks to eliminate those embedded fire odors. Tuck a used dryer sheet inside sleeping bags for a good nights sleep on your next campout.  Dryer sheets are also a great bug repellant so the creepy crawlies won’t be snuggling you either! 

Using dryer sheets beyond the laundry room just makes “scents.”  Find a smelly spot in your home or office that needs some refreshing and add some dryer sheet love today! 

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