Monday, April 5, 2010

Savvy How To: Printable Coupons

Savvy How To:
The Powerful Savings of Printable Coupons

Online printable coupons are an effective addition to Sunday newspaper coupon inserts.  Your grocery and retail savings will dramatically increase with just one click of a mouse.

Adding coupons to your weekly shopping trip can literally shave hundreds of dollars a month off your grocery bill. By cutting out coupons for products you use on a weekly basis and organizing them into an effective storage method, you arm yourself with savings. The best way to get multiple copies of manufacturer coupons is found in your Sunday newspaper each week.  Most newspapers allow readers to subscribe to more than one copy of the paper – often up to five Sunday-only copies.  And, multiple copy subscriptions are typically offered at special rates to save us couponers even more money!

If you're already maximizing your weekly manufacturer newspaper coupons and still want to save more, printable coupons are the way to go.  Printable coupons are free, besides the cost of printer ink and paper, and a great way to add to your savings portfolio.
Printable Coupon Sites: Websites like, and offer a variety of printable coupons free for the taking. These coupons range in products and dollar values, and rotate every month. What’s here today may be gone next month or even sooner.  Good deal Web sites, like, are a great way to find online coupons aggregated in one central location. At SavvyShopperDeals we show you how to best utilize online printable coupons and pair them up with great sales in our Shopping Wizard.  Find the best deals weekly at the stores you shop most! And don’t forget to check out the huge selection of local restaurant and retailer coupons. Before you think of heading out on a date — check with us for some sweetheart deals!

Grocers & Retailers: Most grocers and retailers have jumped aboard the printable coupon train and offer these coupons on their own Web sites. There you can find targeted store- and brand-specific coupons. Many offer coupons like save $5 when you spend $25.

Manufacturers: Is there a product for which you’d love to get a coupon? Just check out their homepage! Many product manufacturers list high-value printable coupons right on the front page of their Web site. It’s as simple as searching the Internet for the product and checking out their site – like the $10.50 in product line printable coupons found at

Printable Coupon Tips:

Download Coupon Installer: The first time you try to print a coupon online you will be required to download and install a “coupon printer.” This will allow you to print coupons from all printable coupon sites and only needs to be done once.  This printer allows you to print properly as well as prevent fraudulent coupon prints.  Just so you're aware it does this by installing spyware that monitors your cookies.  Nothing to worry about - just a fraud prevention tactic.

Coupon Limits: Most printable coupon Web sites allow a two-print maximum per coupon.  If 25 different coupons are available you may print 50 coupons, but only 2 of each like coupon.

Coupon Printing: Print your coupons in black-and-white and on recycled paper.  Changing your printer settings from color can really save on the cost of ink. Don’t forget to re-use all that computer paper with only a line or two of type.  It’s perfect for printable coupons!

Print Schedules: Don’t print coupons all willy nilly.  Print them when you’re ready to use them so they don’t expire. Once you’ve printed your limit, you’ll have to wait a few weeks to print the same coupons again. So, save the printing for great sales unless a high-dollar value coupon comes your way.  There are limits as to how many coupons are available to be printed in each market area, so these $2-$5 coupons might require an immediate print.

Don’t Photocopy: Though these printable coupons may appear easy to copy, DON’T. It’s illegal! You can actually be prosecuted for fraud if you photocopy coupons and even worse, in my opinion, you won’t be allowed to print coupons any more! There is an imposed limit of two as previously mentioned.  Stick to it — it’s more than enough to save you some big bucks!

Online printable coupons are an effective addition to Sunday newspaper coupon inserts.  Try your hand at printing a few of these offers this week.  Your grocery and retail savings will increase with just one click of a mouse. For more ideas on how to save money using coupons, visit and be sure to check out the Shopping Wizard each week for coupon match ups and amazing deals!

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