Sunday, October 4, 2009

Savvy How To: Coupon Finds

Savvy How To:
Coupon Savings

Shoppers who use coupons and avidly watch sale promotions can save 50-80 percent over retail prices on a weekly basis at grocer and retailer locations nationwide. Shoppers find that using coupons enables them to get more bang for their buck at the store. In fact, savings can skyrocket when using these clipped coupons.

The majority of all coupons redeemed weekly come from Sunday newspaper inserts. There are three different inserts available to newspaper subscribers: Smart Source, Proctor & Gamble and Redplum. Each insert, or booklet as some call them, offer coupons from a variety of national or local manufacturers as a way to offer incentives for product trials or reward loyal consumers.

“Overall, 1.6 billion coupons were redeemed in the first half of 2009.” said Todd Hale, senior vice president of consumer and shopping insights for Nielsen. “More consumers are looking for value and lower prices as retailers and manufacturers are distributing more coupons and making it easier for consumers.”  It's clear from redemption statistics that shoppers are looking to coupons as a way to stretch their budget dollars further than ever before in the current economy.

Newspapers are adding to the savings as well. Multiple Sunday newspaper subscriptions are now being offered at great discounts, which enables bulk shopping with the added convenience of one-trip shopping. With coupon redemption values averaging $200 per newspaper each week, multiple copy subscription savings far outweigh delivery costs. Coupons are delivered to your front door with hundreds of dollars in savings waiting to be clipped and redeemed on your next shopping trip.

Other resources for coupon finds are also available in today's market. Online printable coupons are a great addition to your newspaper subscription and are readily accessible. Websites like offer tremendous value and convenience in at-home coupon printing. First-time users will need to download a coupon printer in order to gain access to these coupons. It's free, safe and easy to use. It does not install any form of spyware or adware or collect any personal information about you. As a general rule, printable coupon websites allow you to print only two like-coupons per offering, but do refresh coupon offers on a monthly basis.

Online printable coupons are also available from many manufacturer Web sites, as well as social media outlets like Facebook. Becoming a “fan” often has its advantages. Facebook manufacturer sites regularly offer registered fans targeted coupons and other promotions for customer loyalty. Not sure if a brand/product you love has a Facebook page? After registering for your own Facebook account, visit and search for a link by keyword or brand name, then reap the savings.

Another avenue for coupon savings can be found in store shopper card downloadable coupons. Websites like,, and Kroger affiliated grocery store websites like Smiths, Kroger and Fred Meyer offer users coupons that can be downloaded onto participating grocer in-store savings cards. Once you've registered your savings card number, simply load coupons from a pre-selected list, targeted by ZIP code, for desired products. With the swipe of your card, the coupons are deducted from your purchase total.

Adding coupons to your savings repertoire greatly enhances your ability to save time and money at grocers and retailers on a weekly basis.

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