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Savvy How To: Beauty School Savings

Savvy How To:
Saving With Style

Before you run to the salon for a new cut, style or color, check out your local beauty college for great savings with style!

It's one of those wear-a-hat days and all the hairspray, gels and creams you've tried just seem to make things worse! Your haircut is overgrown, streaking colors like a chameleon and split at the ends like the tines of a fork. So what can you do that will leave you feeling beautiful but not broke? Before you run to the salon for a new cut, style or color, why not check out your local beauty college?

Venturing off to your local beauty school can save a significant amount of money over traditional salons. Beauty schools are staffed by students, supervised by licensed instructors, who can perform almost any beauty service offered elsewhere, such as hair cuts and colors, weaves, facials, manicures, pedicures and more, and at great discounts.

Savings can be upwards of 60 percent over traditional salons, says Jan Barker, owner of American Beauty Academy in Payson. “Many salons offer a haircut for $22 and ours is only $8.” In addition to having a student work on your hair, you get the instructor as well. All work performed is checked and graded, which obviously encourages students to do their very best work. But, if you still aren't satisfied with your service, any touch-up work can be done by the supervisor.

Some schools, like American Beauty Academy, provide even more ways to save on beauty treatments by offering half-off coupons by mail or online for select services. Many also offer discounts to seniors and students, while some offer select savings on specific days of the week, such as $5 hair cut Fridays. Make sure you call your local school and ask what additional discounts are offered before you go so you can get the most beauty for your buck.

There's also the option of a do-it-yourself job for many salon services. Home hair coloring products are more affordable than ever and come with easy-to-follow instructions. However, picking the right shade to suit your skin tone and current color can sometimes get tricky. There are myriad colors, glazes and shines to enhance your locks, but there is nothing like color gone bad.

“Getting the wrong color from the store costs a lot more in the long run when you have to pay for a color correction” says American Beauty Academy's Barker. If you're new to the color game, start with temporary or semi-permanent hair color, as they are generally free of harmful peroxide and ammonia and be sure to check the expiration date on the box. Ask your stylist to recommend a shade that would look best or even a preferred brand for the home user. They're more than happy to help you do what's best for your hair in any situation. Most manufacturers provide a toll-free help line if you run into a snag at home.

You can also extend the life of your color by using quality shampoo and conditioning products readily available at mass retailers. Most stores now offer salon quality products at a fraction of the prices of a salon. Watching for “buy one get one free” sales and pairing coupons with store discounts can add up to great beauty savings.

And what's the “best bargain of the century?” says Jan. When you're having a bad hair day and are short on time and money go get a shampoo and style for about $6 at your local beauty school. “If it makes you feel a hundred bucks better it's worth the $6”!

Beauty school treatments definitely won’t break the bank.  If you’re considering getting your next cut or style from one of these schools, talk to other patrons that have been there. If someone you know got a great cut, get the name of the student that performed it or ask when scheduling your appointment for a senior student with lots of experience on specialty services. If you’re looking to get to the root of great savings visit your local college and get salon pampered at beauty school prices.

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