Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kid To Kid - Best Clothing Deal in Town!

Have you ever sold your kid’s clothes to Kid to Kid.  If you haven’t tried it – you definitely should.  Last week I went to Kid To Kid  and bought a new outfit for both sons and my daughter, including pants and tops, plus 2 more tops and ALL for under $2 after my used clothing exchange credit.  It was awesome!!!!

It’s easy!  All I did was sort through a couple boxes of gently used clothes that didn't fit my kids anymore.  I made sure they were clean and then carted them off the Kid To Kid to sell!  Kid to Kid  sorted through my clothes and assigned each item a dollar value.  I walked around the store to shop and in just a few minutes my clothes had been sorted and priced.  I got $35 for clothes that don't even fit my kids any more!  That's way better than sitting in the yard all Saturday trying to sell them in a yard sale!  You can get cash back right away or you can take a store credit and receive an extra 20% on your account which gives you more money to buy clothes for your own kids.  I always choose store credit because buying clothes from Kid to Kid is a great way to save money on your budget because their prices are so great!

And don't forget to enter a super fun Model Search Contest that is about to start here in Utah for Kid To Kid:

KID TO KID February-Model Search.

 The Model Search will be on Kid to Kid’s facebook page.  Just upload a photo of your child and like the Kid To Kid Facebook store location you'd like to be entered for! The Search will run from February 9-23 with voting to run from February 24-29.  There are 4 age groups that children can enter:
  • 0-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-9
  • 10-14

The winner will be in Kid to Kid store advertising and will be featured on other marketing ads and on TV spots. Yup - your kid might be on TV!  How cool is that!!  I know my kids would be ecstatic about the thought of being on TV - they already think I'm famous because they see my picture on the computer every day -  LOL!

So if you want absolute proof that your kids are cuter than your snotty sister in law's kids enter HERE! (Bragging rights included!)

*Note: Make sure to like the Kid To Kid Facebook store location you'd like to be entered for!

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