Friday, December 9, 2011

Freaky Friday Giveaway - What is this?

You might say I shop a lot - alright, I never stop shopping!  Every now and then I come across some pretty strange products and even after reading the ingredients list have no idea what the product actually is.  So I need a little help, can anyone tell me what this product is?

Just leave a comment below (in my entry form) as to what you think Potted Meat Food Product is and I'll pick one random winner to receive this adorable Ellie overnight bag ($35 Value!)  Contest ends Sunday Dec. 11th at 11:59pm.  Winner selected Monday, Dec. 12.

    Win an Ellie The Elephant Overnight Bag:
    • Soft, plush and cute—this overnight bag can also serve as a snuggley and washable friend for sleepovers 
    • Zippered top and inside pocket are kid friendly
    • $35 Value 


    1. It's similar to an MRE...pre-cooked various meats canned and able to last in emergency packs and such. Fitting, since I'm sure people would only eat this if it were an emergency!!

    2. If you plant it do you think it would grow?

    3. Something akin to a vienna sausage, maybe...

    4. Ummm, SCARY! I really hope I don't ever have an emergency that requires me to eat this! I do hope that I win the Ellie Overnight bag for my 8yr old elephant lover!

      Various meats such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey and variety (nonskeletal) meats are used. It is produced internationally as a source of affordable meat. Its long shelf life and precooking makes it suitable for emergency food supplies, and for military and camping uses, although the high content of fat, protein, and/or preservatives may make it unsuitable for frequent consumption. The final product typically has a spreadable consistency, and typically contains high amounts of salt, as a preservative.

    5. That's the stuff my dad tells me he grew up on!! Sick! He always says "and we had potted meat" I am pretty sure it has other "parts" of the animal besides just the normal meat. I picture it being like Tuna but I have never eaten it. (*fortunately)

    6. According to Wikipedia, the Libby brand contains: Mechanically separated chicken, pork skin, partially defatted cooked pork fatty tissue, partially defatted cooked beef fatty tissue, vinegar, less than 2% of: salt, spices, sugar, flavorings, sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite.

      While other brands include beef heart, beef tripe (stomach).

      This Libby's one doesn't sound too gross to me. If you watch the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution episode on ground beef... Really, this is not that much worse...

    7. YUCK! IT reminds me of a spam!!!!

    8. Congrats to our winner: Cassie Rader sol09002@


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