Monday, August 15, 2011

Extreme Couponing Arrests on the Rise

With the rise in Extreme Couponing, Extreme Coupon Theft was bound to follow...

I read a complaint just yesterday from a woman in Utah who has had their assisted living facility coupon copies stolen right out of the lobby!  I can't even tell you how many times I've heard of shoppers detailing brazen thefts from their own driveways and front porches.

I'm not sure how someone justifies taking coupons out of elderly care homes or even off of someone's front porch for that matter.  As you may know the Daily Herald has removed all copies, save 1, from vending racks across Utah County due to theft.  Many newspaper companies are having to move vending racks inside convenience stores to protect them from would-be coupon nappers.

I was glad to hear that arrests are increasing in response to these violations.  Believe me, I understand the value of coupons and what using them can do for every family that chooses to implement them in their shopping strategies, but stealing them?

I came across this article just this morning.

"Police, supermarkets and newspapers have reported thefts of newspapers and weekly inserts in Arkansas, Idaho, Texas, Alabama, Florida and California. They have attributed the thefts to extreme couponing, as coined by the TLC reality show. The program, which debuted in April, shows people cutting their grocery bills by hundreds of dollars through the strategic use of coupons. 

Most recently, a 34-year old woman in Arkansas stole 185 copies of the Springfield Morning News that were left outside of a grocery store for pick-up. The woman, who is a member of a coupon club, claims she didn't know she was doing anything wrong. 

In Alabama, the Cullman Timess has also seen an increase in the number of newspapers and inserts stolen. Sam Mazarra, the newspaper's circulation manager, said, "Over my 31-year career as circulation director, it has never been this bad." The newspaper has issued a $500 cash reward for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of someone stealing newspapers"  The Huffington Post

WOW -  rewards for coupon thieves!  Now that's one I didn't see coming.


  1. This is so sad. Hopefully next Sunday the CNA that said she was going to do a stake out to catch the person actually does. There is a little old lady that lives there, that every Sunday she gets the coupons out and cuts them out for all the residents there. This is something she looks forward too every Sunday, but because some guy has enough balls, he steals from these old people.
    Integrity people INTEGRITY!!!

  2. I had someone steal pages of coupons right out of my binder a few weeks ago at walmart. It's crazy to think even turning your back for one second can result in people stealing your stuff. Like Antoine Dodson said, "hide yo kids, hide yo wife"...and hide yo coupons.

  3. A reward without cutting coupons. My eyes will be peeled! ;)

  4. Robie and it!! SO funny and sorry your coupons got stolen.

    I can't believe how crazy this is getting. Glad there has been some punishment for this behavior.

  5. I moved from California to Utah 5 years ago. Before I moved I worked for a large daily newspapers. Coupon thefts were so bad that the only people who were guaranteed to rec them were 1)Home Delivery customers. 2) Inside stores.
    Once they removed the coupons from newspapers in the racks, thefts dropped, almost immediately. We even had people who stole the entire rack with the papers inside.
    The coupons would come into the paper by the semi load and had to be kept in a secure location to keep the employees from taking/selling them.
    On Sundays that were "Extra good" coupon days... We would get many calls from customers claiming the carrier missed the house,the paper was magically missing the coupons,The dog tore it up etc.
    The carrier got .25 cents for each paper delivered. If someone called in and claimed the paper was missed. We charged the carrier the full value of the paper. (That was to keep the carrier from selling the coupons)
    Its amazing to me that coupons can make people nuts. And at the same time many people just toss them in the trash.

  6. I think this is absurd and ridiculous. It makes me sick. I hate midnight shopping, but a couple weeks ago I had to change my plans - which I will NEVER do again! The was one lady who was trying to convince me that it was okay use coupons that said otherwise for trial size. I wish I could have had the guts to tell her that that was just as dishonest as any of the people who steal coupons. It is especially hard to hear about this behavior when you witness it first had yourself. Sick, people. Just sick!!

  7. Lisa U - It is interesting that on "good" coupon Sundays the phone rings off the hook with loads of homes suddenly missing their inserts isn't it!?!

  8. Lol! We all have our weaknesses. Some more strange than others. I will say, I find humor in the fact that people steal coupons. Yes, it's sad, but for the amount you save, I can't imagine why a person would think it's worth it. Humor....and pity.

  9. I will say that because of all of this craziness that is taking place, it has discouraged me from going out. How can you not know that you are doing something wrong when you are walking away with 185 copies of a newspaper that you DIDN'T pay for? People cannot be that stupid and the law doesn't let you off for stupidity! Nice try.

    When the show came out couponers became "extreme couponers" and "hoarders". Now we are adding thieves to the list, what next people?

    I just pray that couponing is a fad that will die REALLY quick so I can get back to enjoying couponing like I once did.


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