Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Savvy Craft: The Poor Man's Bow

You know me, I'm all about saving money but maintaining quality (and cuteness) at the same time.  There are so many things I do in my life on a daily basis that I don't even recognize as money saving or even time saving strategies and yet they are a part of my routine.  As I was prepping some end of year teacher's gifts for my children last night, I tied my "poor man's(woman's)" bow on all the packages because it was fast, easy and used about 6 inches less ribbon per package.  I had 6 gifts so I saved approximately a yard of ribbon using this technique.

The trick is that it really isn't a bow, but more of an optical illusion.  The best part, (other than saving money on ribbon yardage), is that the loops always turn out straight, even, and perfect no matter who ties this. You don't have to be a master bow tier or fidget with straightening ribbon loops so they aren't crooked - you just need to be able to tie a knot and bend ribbon.

Step #1:  Tie length of wired ribbon around package and make a single knot.

Step #2: Using your index finger, make a large bend in the ribbon.  While keeping index finger in place, use opposite hand to "open" the loop and push towards the knot.

Step #3:  Bend ribbon tails to create small waves.

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