Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Savvy Giveaway - Exclusive Shopping Trip With Amy

Every year I am the emcee for multiple Taste of Home Cooking School shows.  The Taste of Home Cooking School is truly one of my absolute favorite events of the year.  If you have never been, every person who attends gets a goody bag filled with product samples, coupons, Taste of Home Magazines etc....  In addition, I fill a shopping cart to the brim with products and ask attendees to guess how much I paid for all the groceries with the closest "guesser" taking home all the groceries.

I swear, every year someone guesses that I paid $400-$500 dollars for the groceries.
If this was you - you need a grocery intervention and I am here to intervene!

I decided that instead of giving away a couple tickets to the show, as I normally do, I would give away an exclusive, one on one, shopping trip* with yours truly.  I'll provide the coupons and even $100 to spend (can you imagine how much we can buy with that!!!) to one lucky winner who is in attendance at the Taste Of Home Cooking School on April 19th.  I'll share insider shopping tips and tricks and show the winner how to maximize grocery savings by simply shopping smarter! You must be in the audience to qualify to go shopping with me.  I will randomly draw one name out of the grocery cart giveaway registration cards as the winner. (Estimated prize value... Priceless ;-) Your odds of winning are actually pretty dang good seeing as there are only 750 seats available!

Tickets are only $10 for the boutique shopping, show and gift bag and only $20 for the boutique, show, gift bag and ALL YOU CAN EAT soup & salad bar.  

Hurry and buy your tickets before they sell out - and they ALWAYS do!

Taste Of Home Ticket Link

*Shopping trip date, store and time to be determined by Amy.

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  1. Cant I just pay you to go shopping with me and teach me your ways?


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