Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pantry Potpourri: Blue Dawn

Pantry Potpourri:

The Powerful Savings of Blue Ultra Dawn

One of my favorite, tried and true, pantry must-have products is blue Dawn. Blue Dawn you say? Yes, there are remarkable powers found lurking inside each plastic bottle of this original scented wonder detergent beyond simply cleaning dishes. You may likely have some of this magical dish cleanser in your pantry as we speak. If so, pull it out, dust it off and love it like I do!

Here are just a few things Blue Dawn can do:

1. Eliminates Clothing Oil/Grease Stains: Does your favorite shirt or apron have an old, set-in grease or oil stain that just won't come out? Don't throw it out and spend more money buying new clothes - try blue Dawn! Simply squirt a little blue Dawn on the stain, scrub lightly with a soft toothbrush or fingernail and let set for up to 12 hours and launder. Repeat if necessary, but do not dry until the stain has been fully removed. You may want to test a small, unseen area first on sensitive fabrics to prevent staining. I have tried this many times and found it to work amazingly well for removing a variety of "hopeless" stains!

2. Cleans Carpets: Red Kool-Aid on light colored carpet - impossible to remove you say? NAY!!! I have attempted this feat and been triumphant - no $200 carpet cleaning machine or service required! With this inexpensive trick I transformed my multi-colored carpet back to its' prime. Simply add 7 drops of blue Dawn liquid detergent to 2 cups of warm water. Wet the stained area with a tablespoon of the Dawn solution. Next, place a folded white cotton towel, dampened in the cleaning mixture, over the stain making sure the towel covers the entire surface area of the iron. Set your iron to a medium setting and place on top of the damp towel for approximately 2 minutes (If your iron shuts off after 30 seconds you will have to lift it upright an reapply the iron). The stain will transfer to the white towel! Refold the towel to a clean area each time you reapply the iron. You will have to do this several times to remove all the stain. When the stain transfer stops rinse the entire area and blot out all remaining liquid. Do not leave the iron unattended! Test in a small, unseen area for specialty carpets or for stain concerns.

3. Wonder Bubbles: If you want to make the worlds most amazing bubbles, look no further than the kitchen sink. I have made some truly gigantic bubbles using this simple solution! It will leave your children in amazement!

Here's my favorite bubble recipe from "The Unbelievable Bubble Book", by John Cassidy.

1 clean container
1 cup blue Ultra Dawn
12 cups Water
3-4 tablespoons Glycerine (Found near the pharmacy)

Combine water and blue ultra Dawn. Add glycerine (It makes the bubble stronger by reducing evaporation). Stir, but don't make a "froth" on top as it breaks the bubble solution. Let the solution sit overnight. Additional bubble wands are available at hobby and retail stores for super large-Guinness Record size bubble blowing if desired or make your own with make-your-own bubble wand instructions available online.

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