Saturday, November 7, 2009

Savvy How To: Rebate Savings (Part 3)

Savvy How To: 
Rebate Savings (Part 3)

By now you may have bought into the idea of saving money through rebate and rewards programs. Indeed, the potential for savings with these programs is tremendous. But, to maximize your savings you'll have to get in the game and play smart! Manufacturers and the rebate redemption companies hired to handle the paperwork often look for loopholes to NOT redeem your rebate - it's in their best interest to keep as much money in their pockets as possible. So how do you get the money from their pocket to your wallet? Here are some tips and guidelines if you're going to play the rebate game:

Make Photocopies: Making a copy of your original receipt and rebate form is one of the best ways to ensure payment. You can also ask your cashier for a duplicate receipt at time of purchase and save some toner! Either way, when your rebate is returned unredeemed or simply vanishes in the wind, you'll have the receipt and phone number to verify the transaction.

Read Directions Carefully: Remember those loopholes? Down to the last digit of your phone number and even required address wording on the outside of the envelope - get it right! Be exact in giving these companies what they require or they might give you exactly nothing. Leaving requested information blank is cause for rejection. Product purchase requirements should also be followed to the T. Make sure the barcodes match on your receipt and on the offer form.

Watch Expiration Dates and Prices: Be sure your receipt matches up! There's nothing worse than being a day late and a dollar short on this one. Even $0.01 short of the required purchase price can get your check denied. And, don't forget to find out if coupons are deducted from price requirements. Remember, rebates are frequently offered and promoted before the purchase dates even begin, buying too soon or too late can lead to your downfall.

Organize: If you're planning on playing the rebate game, consider creating a “rebate station.” Dedicate a drawer, hanging letter organizer or binder with everything you'll need to utilize rebates including stamps, envelopes, highlighters to circle purchased products, scissors to cut UPCs and a place to neatly save forms and receipts.

If your track record on requesting rebates isn't great, consider the price of products without including rebate or rewards programs when making purchase decisions. But, for optimal savings, taking advantage of these rebates can definitely prove beneficial to your pocketbook.

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